Equipment and Instruments

Instrument Kits Contents

Dental Dam Kit:
Rubber Dam Punch
Rubber Dam Retainer Forceps
Metal Rubber Dam Frame
Clamps – 00.2A, 8A, W8A, 9, 12A, 13A, 14A, 14, 212SA, 22, 26.

Restorative Kit:
Mouth Mirror
Double-Ended Explorer
Cotton Pliers
PQW Probe
Air/Water Syringe Tip 
Amalgam Well
Amalgam Carrier 
Amalgam Condenser #0-1
Amalgam Condenser #2-3
Mesial Margin Trimmer
Plastic Instrument PF56
Distal Margin Trimmer
Restorative Spatula
Carbide Composite Carver
Adult Tofflemire Holder
Cleoid/Discoid Carver
Half Hollenback Carver
High Volume Suction
Chisel #11-12
Wedelstaedt #5=6
Spoon Excavator
Hatchet 44S
Hatchet 45S
Crown and Bridge Scissors
Articulating Paper Forceps
Felt #6