Grad Perio Celebration, June 20

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Nobel Biocare team with Drs Coyne and Gumplinger Gina Lum Miraiam Dexter Filomena Furtado and Dr Rana Tarzemany Group shot with banner Rana with sponsorship and congratulations sign Drs Mehdi Noroozi and Don Robertson Nobel Biocare team Chad Bailey Maria Velez Jordon Innes 2 Dr Robin Wintermute and husband Stephan 2022 certficates Dr Robin Wintermute and husband Stephan Drs Lari Hakkinen Reginaldo Goncalves and Rana Tarzemany Amandeep Hans and Shamsher Sandlas  2 with banner hugs of congratulations with Gina Lum podium welcome with Rana Program Rana signing certficates jquery lightbox image sizeby v6.1

The Graduate Specialty Program in Periodontics gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the Class of 2022, alongside faculty, staff and guests. Generously sponsored by Nobel Biocare, the evening created a new tradition to welcome the newest alumni from this program, to the community.

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