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Rosamund Harrison

DMD, MSc, Cert. Pediatric Dentistry, MRCD(C)
Professor Emerita
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Research Areas:

Early childhood tooth decay interventions, community-based oral health promotion, randomized controlled trials, oral health disparities, disadvantaged children

Teaching Areas:

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry at UBC begins with a dental-applied learning experience (DALE) related to craniofacial development in 1st year, continues with experiential learning about the young child in 2nd year and proceeds to 3rd year where students have a variety of learning experiences about behaviour and pain management in the child and restoration of the primary dentition. In 4th year students provide patient care to children with extensive dental needs. My role is to coordinate the teaching and learning of Pediatric Dentistry throughout the curriculum.  
With colleagues in Pediatric Dentistry, we developed the new Graduate Specialty training program in Pediatric Dentistry and I teach in this new program. 
My major research interest is promoting improved oral health and improving access to care for disadvantaged and minority children. The following are current projects: 

  1. With colleagues and Cree First Nations communities in Quebec, I have been principal investigator on a CIHR funded 6-year randomized controlled trial titled "A clinical trial of the effectiveness of a dental caries prevention program for Cree mothers and their infants." The analysis of final outcomes and the economic analysis are underway.
  3. With Dr. Michael MacEntee and others, I was Co-PI on a CIHR-funded New Emerging Team Grant focused on developing an agenda for reducing oral health disparities in the province of British Columbia.
Current student research  
  1. Sharon Melanson, MSc candidate; UBC-O (with Dr. Alan Davidson et al) A qualitative analysis of the experiences of families whose children access dental care under government sponsored dental plans in BC.
  3. Carter Ng, MSc candidate; UBC-V (with Dr. Karen Campbell) Project Smile Aid: A clinical trial to test an innovative approach to caries management in vulnerable children
  5. Nancy Vertel, UBC-V (with Dr. Karen Campbell) Access to dental services for children with special health care needs: A pilot study at BC Children's Hospital
  7. Winnie Zhao, UBC-V (with Drs. Karen Campbell and David Kennedy) Failure rates and survival analysis of passive lab fabricated space maintainers
Awards (selected) 
  1. 3M-ESPE ACFD National Dental Teaching Award 2010
  3. B.C. Dental Association Service Award 2008
  5. American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Foundation Research Award 2006
  7. Honorary Membership, British Columbia Dental Association 2006
  9. UBC Teaching Excellence Award 1995
Selected publications 
  1. Amin MS, Harrison RL. Understanding parents' oral health behaviors for their young children. Qual Health Res 19: 116- 27, 2009
  3. Schroth RJ, Harrison RL, Moffat M. Oral health of Indigenous children and the influence of early childhood caries on childhood health and wellbeing. Pediatr Clin N Am 56. 1481-99, 2009
  5. Harrison RL Veronneau J, Leroux B. Design and implementation of a dental caries prevention trial in remote Canadian Aboriginal communities. TRIALS 11. 1-9, 2010
  7. Lin D, Harrison RL. Evaluability assessment of a dental prenatal program. Can J Dent Hygiene 44. 201-06, 2010
  9. Lin D, Harrison RL. Can a prenatal dental public health program make a difference? J Can Dent Assoc 77: b32, 2011
  11. MacEntee M, Harrison RL Dimensions of dental need and the adequacy of our response: forum proceedings. J Can Dent Assoc 77: b12, 2011
  13. Costa LR, Harrison RL, Aleksejuniene J, Nouri MR, Gartner A. Factors related to post-operative discomfort in young children following dental rehabilitation under general anesthesia. Pediatr Dent (in press) 2011